Discussion for Futurebound NYC 01.27.2012 Show

Topic of discussion for the chat today is this:

I gotta join this to ensure that someone tells them that they are doing a disservice to humanity. I won’t doubt that the winner of the show will be popular among the masses. He will be a one-size-fits-all DJ who can pander to the lowest common denominator in our society.

He won’t be any better then 95% of the DJs already out there, blasting us with their beatport & itunes top10 charts.

He will be technically competent and will amaze you for a minute, like any other con-artists out there.

Meanwhile, he will be indifferent. He will rob your soul from vitality and annihilate your love for the world.

Watch live video from Dj Peter Munch’s Futurebound NYC on www.justin.tv

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Competition for DJ work is already fierce – will this show spawn a new wave of competitors?


Agreed 100%. For me I feel it’s time to unplug from that mess and not pretend like what I do relates to that arena. In another post you spoke of intuition. In the past handful of years we’ve been force to consider one work-around after another, until it’s just become “the way of things”. Without getting into the weeds on the subject. I’ve run or seen what, to me, ends up being a values equation – enough times now to realize at least for myself that some functions aren’t variables. When you run it as a variable it always ends up “off scale”. Plug the constant back in and things start vibrating in the right way again… but then… nowadays they’re not tuned into that, they’re looking at you or the ‘stage’ waiting for the spectacle or for the bass to drop. All I’m saying is that’s that…

For me and where I am, I feel like I’m in the position and have no idealistic choice but to recreate the context myself, just to be able to replace myself. It’s either that or in my tiny sphere and from my long line of tradition and culture, it all dies with me… It’s the intuitive that’s being lost…

The logical process was the work-around, and the intuitive obviously is a hindrance to all those involved with that… If you know what I mean…


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