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Changhong Intelligence has a well-established management system and process and a perfect organism production to ensure a smooth operation of each process, thus promising a timely-delivery of high-quality products to customers.

Sales Department shall provide a complete set of equipment manufacturing drawings and production budget plan when issuing the production order to Engineering Department, and shall propose specific requirements with respect to the progress, quality, cost, safety etc. of production tasks and supervise the entire production process.

Engineering Department shall assign production tasks to the fine workmanship workshop, thermal workshop and electric workshop according to the manufacturing plans and require such workshops to complete production tasks based on the related requirements with respect to project period, quality, cost and safety.

All workshops shall issue the production order to different operation teams in accordance with the product categories. The highly skilled technicians in each operation team and the advanced production equipment reliably guarantee the quality of products. All products shall be made in modular design within the Company to minimize the manufacturing quantity in the field, shorten the working period of field installation and thus facilitate the cleaning and effective management of the installation field.

Quality Department shall strictly monitor the quality of all materials and auxiliary parts and supervise the internal manufacturing quality, field installation and commissioning quality during the entire process of the project.

Thermal Workshop

Thermal workshop is specially used for the manufacturing of a complete set of non-standard coating equipment and special coating products. The finished products include pretreatment, electrophoresis coating line, PVC coating line, middle coating line, topcoat coating line, heat transfer/filter/air supply unit, combustion/heat transfer/ filter/air supply unit, exhaust gas incinerator, TNV system, purified water generator unit, ultrafilter unit, anode system, RTO system etc.

Fine workmanship workshop is specially used for the manufacturing of a complete set of conveyor equipment and special products for coating line, final assembly line and welding line. The finished products include skid conveyor system, overhead, power &free conveyor system, self-propelled trolley conveyor system, in-floor friction drive conveyor, overhead friction drive conveyor, guiderail conveyor system, slat conveyor chain and towline, accompanying elevator, forklift, AGV etc.

Electricity workshop is specially used for the assembly of the electrical control cabinets for the complete coating line, final assembly line, welding line etc., as well as the field installation and commissioning of electrical control systems. 

Production Process
Production Process
  • Electric Workshop
    Electric Workshop
  • Thermal Workshop
    Thermal Workshop
  • Fine Workmanship Workshop
    Fine Workmanship Workshop

Changhong intelligence has been insisting on developing its own core manufacturing capacity instead of multi-level subcontracting adopted by most enterprises in the industry. The company has the largest-size manufacturing base in the industry, with a land

  • Planer Milling Machine
    Planer Milling Machine
  • Laser Cutting Machine
    Laser Cutting Machine
  • CNC Horizontal Knee-type Milling Machine
    CNC Horizontal Knee-type Milling Machine
  • Machining Center
    Machining Center
  • Plasma flame cutting
    Plasma flame cutting
  • CNC Bending Machine
    CNC Bending Machine
  • Universal Plane Water-Jet Cutting Machine
    Universal Plane Water-Jet Cutting Machine




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