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24 2019-10
How to improve the work efficiency of the painting production line efficiently?
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Painting is a highly automated production, the production of a finished product, starting from the piece loading, after a series of processes such as deoiling, phosphating, washing, drying, dusting, curing, etc., until the next piece unloading, it is a systematic and coherent process in which the work piece runs at a uniform speed on the production line and no pauses are allowed in the middle, which is the most basic production feature of the painting line.

It is precisely because of the above-mentioned basic characteristics of the painting production, that the production capacity of the painting production is relatively dependent on the production line itself. When a painting production line is determined at the design link, especially when the operating chain speed of the production line is fixed, its maximum production capacity is basica lly determined. Because the operating chain speed of the painting production is determined, the effective processing time of each process on the production line and the relevant process requirements must also be determined, and the adjustment room for this range is generally not too large.

In the actual production, after many attempts on research, we have found some effective ways to improve the efficiency of painting production. After actual use, the effect is very obvious.

1. Start with painting hangers to improve the utilization

The hangers used by our company's painting production can be said to have undergone the following three improvements:

A. Set of hangers → Single piece of hanger

When the production line was first introduced from Japan, it was all copied from Japan. The painting hangers were also designed to be suitable for the entire production of hangers. A set of air-conditioning enclosures can be fully hung with a hanger. This kind of hanger is very effective in the ideal production organization state, but in actual production, the work piece can not be a complete set in most cases, so the hanger is often idle with a lot of hanging points. To this end, we changed the set of hangers to a single-use hanger to improve the effective utilization.

       B. Special hangers → Dual-use hangers

C. Number of pendants: 2→4→6→8 or 16

In the process of making the above two improvements to the hanging device, we have increased the hanging point of the single hanger by ensuring that the hanging point of the single hanging device is increased under the condition of ensuring that the hanging point is not more than the scientific design of the hanging device. By this way, the effective utilization rate can be increased multiple times, so that the actual production capacity of the coating line body has greatly exceeded the design production capacity.

Through the improvement of the hanging devices of the above three lines, the production efficiency and production capacity of the coating production line are greatly improved, and the coating production is no longer a bottleneck factor restricting the expansion of production of our company.




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