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Corporate News
17 2019-10
[Good News] Experiencing Trails and Hardships for 30 Years, Marching Forward for a Bright Future——A Successful Completion of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
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On 10th October 2019, Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. held the 30th anniversary celebration at Yancheng Guesthouse. Lv Cheng and Dong Nan, who are the hosts of Yancheng Television Station, presided over this celebration. Regarding “Experiencing Trails and Hardships for 30 Years, Marching Forward for a Bright Future” as the topic, the whole celebration is divided into three chapters, the first Chapter is Admire Changhong, the second Chapter is Pride Penetrates Changhong, the third Chapter is Set Up Dream of Changhong.





Site Arrangement

Chairman Sign-in

CEO Sign-in

Guests Sign-in

Memento

Chapter One   Admire Changhong

The first program Mighty Dragon Drum started the celebration, with the powerful drums and excited dancing style, the atmosphere is full of vigorous and excitement, that implies the booming and flourishing of Changhong Intelligence.

Chapter One   Admire Changhong

Official Start

CEO Speech

Song with Dance——Ballet in Spring

Allegro——Glorious Changhongs

Video—— Changhong, On the Way

With thirty years’ hardworking, Changhong achieved great results. All these achievements can not make without their hardworking and struggling, they devoted their youth and energy to Changhong. Hereby, we honored those 30 people who made great contribution to Changhong’s development.

Chairman of the Board Awarded the Entrepreneurship Heroes

CEO Awarded the Entrepreneurship Heroes


Vice-CEO Awarded the Entrepreneurship Heroes

Ma Kaibiao, the Chairman of the Labour Union Delivered A Speech

Chairman of the Board Delivered A Speech

Chapter Two Pride Penetrates Changhong

Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. always adheres to the principle of “Pursue Perfection, Create Excellence, Pride Penetrates Changhong”, insists on the belief “Create Value and Benefits to Customers, Provide High-quality Products and Service to Society”, so as to create more values and benefits to customers with advanced technology, refined manufacturing and thoughtful service.

Dance——Auspicious Flower Blossom

Peking Opera

Chairman of the Board Gave Prize to the First-prize Winner

Sing Happy Birthday Song & Blow Birthday Candles

Chapter Three Set Up Dream of Changhong

With irresistible force, Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is striving to achieve the vision of “Design and Establish Automobile Factory, Provide A Cost Performance Choice to Global Market”. In the future, based on the accomplishments, Changhong shall make larger development.

Sxphone Play——Friends Like Your


Happy Times

Chorus—— All Paddles in One Boat

Chorus——Song of Changhong & My People,My Country

Fantastic Interaction

Photo Commemoration

Experiencing trails and hardships for 30 years, marching forward for a bright future. Changhong Intelligence shall consider the first 30-year as a start point, Changhong will forge ahead with perseverance and achieve new achievements for the realization of the Chinese dream.




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