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14 2019-10
[Honor] Congratulations to Ma Kaibiao and other 30 comrades for winning the "30th Anniversary Entrepreneurship" Honorary Title
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Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. During the 30 years’ development, many employees have worked diligently and conscientiously, and made great contributions to the development and growth of Changhong. According to the recommendation of each department, after democratic appraisal and approval by the board of directors, 30 comrades were awarded the honorary title of “30th Anniversary Entrepreneurship”!





Ma Kaibiao, who joined the company in 1989, is a member of Changhong's founding team and is currently the chairman of the trade union. As a startup veteran, he created multiple first-projects. For example, signed Changhong's first topcoat line, signed Changhong's first order of more than 50 million yuan, signed the first set of waste gas RTO projects, etc.... Due to the company's development needs, he took the initiative to leave the sales and marketing department and deliver the accumulated experience to young members, thus to cultivate a group of excellent management and sales backbones. Since he became the chairman of the trade union, he has actively built a bridge between employees and enterprises, and strives to create a good working environment. He is a model that regarding the factory as the home!





Xia Jianhua, who joined the company in 1989, is a member of Changhong's founding team and is currently the chairman of the supervisory board. He was responsible for the BYD project for many years and was once the backbone of the company's sales and marketing department. Due to the development needs of the company, he has overcome difficulties and has solved the technical problems of conveying in many engineering sites such as Fulu Assembly, Changsha Zoyte Assembly, Cathay Pacific, Zhonghengtian and Suda Assembly. At present, the patented technology of the Italian Holding Subsidiary, the PT ED Roll-dip conveying DIP-F, is led by him and is being promoted smoothly. This technology has a global leading level and will bring a long-term significant competition advantage to the company. 





Zhao Yulin joined Changhong in 2005. He served as the chief engineer of the Design Institute and is currently the special advisor to the Chairman. In the ten years of serving Changhong, he trained a group of outstanding young engineers, mainly responsible for the pre-sales technical communication and design guidance of many projects, and went to the engineering site to solve numerous major technical problems. Under his leadership, Changhong Design Institute has developed into a solid technical foundation for the development of Changhong from the unnamed private design institutes in the sector.





Tian Hongqun has been a legal consultant for Changhong since 1990. He has solid legal skills and rich practical experience. He regularly conducts legal training for Changhong, promptly answers the legal doubts of various departments of Changhong, and provides legal advice. He helped Changhong to establish and improve various rules and regulations, and guide Changhong to formulate standard templates such as outsourcing contracts, labor contracts and procurement contracts to effectively prevent and control legal risks. He also actively coordinated the trademark disputes and resolved the risk of litigation. Under his efforts, Changhong has not been sued for many years.





Jing Kaibiao has served as Changhong Legal Consultant since 1990. He is both talented and diligent. He regularly conducts legal training for Changhong and promptly solves difficult questions. He is also a staunch defender of Changhong's interests. He has worked tirelessly for Changhong in Jinhua Shuangtai, Ruima, Hubei Zhixuan and other lawsuits. He is rigorous in logic and has experienced in litigation. He can take all measures to win interests for Changhong, actively protect Changhong's rights and interests, and retrieve more than 10 million yuan for Changhong.




Zhi baihuai, has served as Changhong Financial Advisor since 2005. He is proficient in fiscal and taxation, and is humble and patient. He has a deep understanding of the characteristics of the automotive equipment sector. Besides, he carefully studied the corresponding fiscal and tax regulations, regularly analyzed the latest fiscal and taxation policies for Changhong's financing team, and guided Changhong to develop sound financial management processes and systems to improve business capabilities. Under his guidance, Changhong has been legally in the fiscal and taxation work for many years, and has become a model for private enterprises in legally tax paying.





Gao Kunjiang, who joined the company in October 1998, is currently the Vice President of Changhong. He worked from the first-line workers of production, and has worked in various positions such as the General Dispatch of the Quality Assurance Department, the Director of the Quality Assurance Department, the Director of the Paint Shop Design Department, the Project Manager of the Engineering Department, the Production Director, and the General Manager of the Sales Company. He pays close attention to the progress of the project, timely allocates production resources, coordinates the cooperation of various departments, and ensures the smooth implementation of each project.




总工程师——王军 (2).JPG

Wang Jun, who joined the company in August 2000, is currently the chief engineer. He started from a technician and worked in various positions such as Service Manager, Head of the Research Department, and Director of the Design Institute. He has rich design experience and was responsible for  Yueda Tractor Factory, Xi'an BYD, Changchun Huawei, and Guangzhou Automobile Jiao. He led the professional engineers of the Design Institute present the technical marketing to the customers, and opened up the market for Changhong. He also maintained a number of sales records, for example, the highest amount of single contract amount, the highest total sales record of a single customer, the total contracting record of a single customer's total welding line, etc.... He is the core strength of Changhong's sales and marketing department.





Zhou Sheng, who joined the company in August 2005, has served as the Head and Financing Director of Finance Department, and is currently the vice president in charge of finance and administration. He is responsible, serious and rigorous. He was well-funded to ensure timely and sufficient supply of funds for Changhong's long-term stable development; his financial and tax communication is effective, and has properly handled tax verification work for many years, and always maintains zero taxation risks. He has appropriate administrative coordination with environmental protection department, fire protection department and public security department, and creating a relaxed and good environment for Changhong’s development.





Chen Long, who joined the company in February 1996, is currently the Engineering Director. He is loyal and reliable, diligent and practical, and has extensive experience in engineering site management. He resolutely obeys orders and listens to the command. He has directed the construction of many large-scale projects such as Changchun Shunhua, Hangzhou Jiao, Kia No. 3 Factory and Yibin Kaiyi, and has strictly grasped the safety, quality and construction period, and won numerous praises from customers. He has has passed on his own field management experience to young employees without any reservations, and made outstanding contributions to the growth of the engineering management team.





Liu Dehua, who joined the company in October 2005, has served as auditor and the head of Financing Department, and is currently the Director Financing and the Secretary of the Board of Directors. He is diligent and conscientious. He has a strong ability of learning, for example, he studied and passed certified public accountants(CPA) and senior accountants. He has been in the company for more than ten years, always responding to the company's new requirements for the continuous improvement of financial executives. Under his leadership, the finance team worked “rigorously, meticulously and seriously” without any bad record of bank or tax. In the preparatory work for the company's financing, restructuring, etc., he led the team to actively cooperate with brokers, lawyers, and accountants to conduct research, data, and procedures, and complete all major tasks by node.





Qiu Guojun, who joined the company in September 1994, has served as a Service Engineer, Business Department Director, Sales and Marketing Manager, and currently he is the Sales and Marketing Director. He has done his duty and worked hard, and is a firm executive of the company's marketing strategy. He leads the salesman to seek business all the year round, insists on being close to the customer, and maintains good communication with the customer. He is not afraid of difficulties but chases any opportunity. He has made great efforts to enhance the company's brand awareness, and led the sales team to successfully sign Changchun Huawei, Yixing Bus, Henan Deli, Nanjing Golden Dragon and other projects to continue to exploit high-quality customers for the company.





Zhou Keming, who joined the company in March 2000, has served as the group leader of Installation Team, Eectrical Engineer, Head of After-sales Service Department, Procurement Director, and currently he is the Quality Assurance Director. He devoted himself to studying electrical technology and won the second prize of the Jiangsu Vocational Skills Competition. He was recognized as the Model Worker in Jiangsu Province. He has undertaken the electrical design, installation and commissioning tasks of the project. He has designed and led the team to complete the installation and commissioning of the company's first overseas project. During his tenure as a Manager, he trained a number of outstanding electrical installation employees, service engineers, procurement managers, etc., and made great contributions to the training of youth teams.





Wang Guolian, who joined the company in May 2000, is currently the Executive Director of the Design Institute. He has served as an Electrical Technician, Electrical Director, and Deputy Chief of Electrical Engineer. He has extensive experience in electrical design and commissioning. He led the completion of the national Science and Technology Project "Flexible Coating Production Line for Passenger Vehicles", National Science and Technology Support Project "Development and Application Demonstration of Large Aircraft Automated Spraying Equipment", and led the team to jointly develop "Automatic Coating System of Civil Aircraft Components" with Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. He has made outstanding contributions to the company's research and development work.





Chen Li, who joined the company in February 2003, has been engaged in technical work since that time. She has served as the Chief Engineer, Director of the Institute, and is currently the Procurement Director. She was responsible for the informatization construction of the Design Institute, completed the database and platform construction and work of 3D design software promotion and modular design. She led the Research Institutes to complete a number of new product research and development tasks and patent declaration tasks. She was also responsible for the standardization construction work of the Design Institute and compiling more than 30 product standards. Since she was transferred to the Procurement Department in 2018, she has been strictly controlling procurement costs with open-minded.





Wu Hongxia, who joined the company in October 2009, has served as Assistant of Office, Head of Human Resources, Director of General Administrative Department, and currently she is the Administrative Director. She has established a scientific human resource management system and created a harmonious labor-management relationship. The labor dispute has been almost down to zero for many years. The company has been rated as “Model Worker of Harmonious Labor Relations in Jiangsu Province” for many times. She successfully applied for “National Technology Innovation Model Enterprise” , "Grade A Design Qualification in Machinery Industry" and many other honors and qualifications. Besides she successfully completed the registration of Milan and India subsidiaries, and made grate contribution to setting up a better development platform for Changhong. She successfully organized a number of large-scale activities and strived to fulfilling Changhong culture, and constantly endeavor to create a better image for Changhong.





Zhan Yuquan, who joined the company in April 2017, is currently the Director the Design Institute. With more than 20 years’ experience in painting technology, he quickly integrated into the Changhong team. He is enthusiastic in guiding young engineers in the Design Institute, and has no reservations to teach the youth for their growth and progress. He led the technical team to successfully develop a series of new products such as electrophoresis vertical pendulum chain conveyor, dry spray booth, rotator+ RTO. He continued to promote the standardization and modularization of product design structure, so as to shorten the product design cycle, improve the overall work efficiency of the Design Institute. Under his guidance, the comprehensive ability of the Design Institute shall step into a new era.





Cai Yunhua, who joined the company in March 2004, is currently the director of the Electrical and Electronics Design and Control Department. He started as an electrical technician and has been concentrating on electrical technology. He worked diligently and conscientiously, and led the design and commissioning of more than 100 engineering projects such as Liaocheng Dragon Coating Line, Lantu Welding Line and Jinhua Huake Coating Line. He completed more than 40 technological innovations, developed 25 electrical control and product standards, applied for 20 patents and trained more than 10 electrical engineers for Electrical and Electronics Design and Control Department. In the past two years, he has always followed the new technology of electrical design, led the electrical team to continuously explore and develop, and made outstanding contributions to the continuous improvement of the company's electronics design and control technology.





Ge Shurong, who joined the company in March 2004. He started as an operator and has served as the Quality Assurance Manager, Planner, Field Manager and Head of Production Department. He is currently the Head of the Engineering Department. He used to be the on-site manager of the Yueda Kia Three Phase Factory Project. Facing the high standard construction requirements of Dürr and Kia, he successfully completed the tasks of the project installation and was fully praised by the owners. During his tenure, he worked diligently, and withstood the enormous pressure of the increasing production tasks year by year, he completed various construction tasks.





Han Lei, who joined the company in August 2006, is currently the Director of the Paint Shop Design Department. He is the strong performer of the "Changhong Class". Through his unremitting efforts, he continues to grow and bear the corresponding responsibility. During his tenure in Jiangxi Lantu, Jinhua Huake, Chongqing Zoyte and other projects, he led the design team to complete the design, manufacturing and installation technical support, commissioning and other work. He successfully delivered the production line, and was highly recognized by the owners. As the backbone of the company's environmental equipment research and development, he has developed environmental protection equipment such as TNV system, activated carbon adsorption and desorption system, dry spray booth, zeolite runner concentration + RTO system, thus to promote the serialization of environmental protection products and enhance the company's core competitiveness of the field of environmental protection equipment.





Song Zhonghai, who joined the company in April 1998, is currently the Assistant Director of the Engineering Department. He has been adhering to the scene of the first-line project for many years. No matter how difficult the task is and how hard the site conditions are, he has never been afraid of it. He set an example and managed the project site in a well-organized manner. In recent years, he has won many personal honors such as “Excellent Project Manager, Safety Production Safety Award”. His professional business level and excellent service ability have been highly recognized and praised by customers. It is a model for all on-site managers to learn!





Sun Hantong, who joined the company in September 2002, was the Director of the Electrical Workshop and is currently the Deputy Director of Electrical and Electronics Design and Control Department, and has been in the position for 14 years. He has led the team to complete the electrical installation and commissioning of many large-scale painting projects such as Changsha BYD and Changchun Huawei Automobile, and participated in the research and development of the spraying robot and SEW contactless power supply transmission system. Besides, he trained a group of excellent electrical installation talents.





Xu Qingsong, who joined the company in July 2000, is currently the Deputy Director of the Design Institute. As the backbone of the company's research and development and technology, he actively explored the bus coating project market, led the technical design and bidding of the company's multiple passenger car painting projects and accumulated a large number of experience on passenger vehicle coating design. He successfully cooperated with China CRRC to declare intelligent manufacturing projects and successfully completed the acceptance. His professionalism and professional technical level have been highly recognized by CRRC customers. He also set up a passenger vehicle process group, trained a number of talents on passenger vehicle design for the company, improved the passenger vehicle process design system, and made great contributions to the inheritance of Changhong’s technology.





Li Jinling, who joined the company in March 2010, has served as the subsidiary accounting, project accounting and assistant of Financing Department. Currently, she is the head of the Financing Department. Her work is uncompromising and methodical. Facing the new financial management,  many requirements are put forward by the Accounting Firm according to the listing norms, she led the financing team established and improved the financial operation system of the joint-stock company and each subsidiary in an orderly manner with perseverance. Additionally, she guided the financing team to actively assist relevant departments to complete the financial acceptance of a number of large-scale special fund projects such as the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu Province and the major national scientific and technological projects. The financial management level of Changhong has been highly recognized by the national project financial experts.





Sun Zhengquan, who joined the company in April 2006, is currently the director of the Fine Workman Shop. The Fine Workman Shop is one of the most important workshops in the Production Department. He worked tirelessly and led the staff to complete the production tasks of Shangrao Welding, Jinhua Huake, Changsha Zoyte and so on. In the face of the time-critical task of Jinhua Huake and Yongkang final assembly renovation project, he sacrificed the rest time of the Spring Festival, National Day, personally led the team to the construction site from day to night. Finally, the transformation task was completed as scheduled and received high praise from customers.





Xu Youbing, who joined the company in October 2002, served as the head of the After-sales Service Department and is currently the head of the Production Department. As an after-sales service expert, through his excellent business performance, he led his team to complete the service work of many major projects, and recovered a number of funds and quality guarantees, contributing nearly a million gross profit per year to Changhong. In 2012, he worked as the project manager of Changsha BYD. This is Changhong's first 60JPH project with a total amount of 100 million. He strictly controls the installation, commissioning and after-sales service of the project. The service quality has been fully affirmed by the customers, ensuring the project quality. In the period of reforming the production system, he took the position of the head of the Production Department, and the company expects him to perform as well as ever.





Wu Ming, who joined the company in March 2008, has served in the Paint Shop Design Department, Commerce Department, the Marketing Department, and the Production Process Department. He is currently the director of the Production Process Department. He prepared luggage in the trunk and prepared for travel at any time. He wrote technical documents day and night and led his team to assist the sales team to successfully sign large-scale painting projects such as Hubei Zhixuan and Jiangxi Hanteng. He properly solved the communication between IVECO and PAILANT projects, consequently, built a deep friendship with the owners. He always regards "serving customers" as the top priority and actively fights in the sales front.





Bian Zhihai, who joined the company in September 2002, has served in the Electrical Workshop, Electrical and Electronics Design and Control Department, and Director’s Office. He is currently the head of the Procurement Department. He has completed after-sales work for multiple projects and participated in electrical design and commissioning, as well as technical service work for multiple projects. As the project manager of the company's first welding, painting, assembly integration project --- Zhonghengtian project, he insisted on going to the project site every month, even though in sickness, thus to complete the successful project acceptance. After taking up the position of the head of the Procurement Department, he actively developed new suppliers and worked hard to save costs for the company.





Jiang Dalong, who joined the company in June 2011, is currently the director of the Conveyer Design Department. He has completed the modeling of the first three-dimensional simplified model of the product, participated in the production of a large number of painting and final assembly simulation video, and greatly showed Changhong's technical ability. He is also actively engaged in research and development of new products, leading the innovative design of various structural forms of interior skidding lines, completing the pendulum chain conveying system, double-guide trolley transportation, light weight bumper conveying system and PT ED roller immersion conveying system. The design and trial production work laid a solid foundation for the company's mechanical design innovation.





Miao Youfa, who joined the company in May 2007 and became the head of the Sales and Marketing Department in early 2015. He was the first head after the reform of the sales system. He quickly set up a young business team. He completed the quotation tasks in time in 100% manner from day to night. Under his guidance, the young team always adheres to “The Mission Must Reach”. Besides, he also took on the important task of communicating with the 9th Engineering Institute. He successfully reached a cooperation with Yibin Kaiyi and Fujian King Long signed a business contract of more than 2 billion yuan, which provided a good opportunity for Changhong to establish a reputation in the OEM sector. 

The above 30 comrades are responsible in all aspects, dare to take responsibility and innovation, and have made due contributions in their own posts. They have made great achievements to the development of Changhong for 30 years, hereby to be commended and announced. Hope that all Changhong people will take the " Entrepreneurship " as an example, forge ahead, and strive to make greater contributions to the establishment of the "International Changhong"!




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