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Corporate News
07 2019-09
[Investigation] A Group Leader of India Consulate General Investigated in Changhong Intelligence
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On 4th September 2019, Anil K Rai, the Consul-General of India in Shanghai, together with his group visited Changhong for investigation and survey. ZHOU Xiaoqing, the Deputy-Director of Yancheng Foreign Affairs, ZHANG Sudong, the Vice-Head of Tinghu District, and WEI Aijun, the Deputy-Head of Environmental-Protection City accompanied the investigation. QIU Yunjie, the CEO of Changhong Intelligence, and WU Hongxia, the Executive Director attended this reception.

During the meeting, District-Head Zhang extended cordial welcome to all consuls. Then he made a brief introduction of Yancheng and hoped that more people in Tinghu District could exploit business market in India, because that India is a country with large population and promising market. As a local enterprise, Changhong grows up fast and forms a sound capital market. At present, Changhong is dedicated to going public on the main board. Relying on the national strategy “the Belt and Road Initiative”, Changhong has set up a subsidiary in India and established a R&D Center in Italy. By virtue of its opening up and innovative spirit, Changhong plays a leading role in automotive coating sector. District-Head Zhang also praised Mrs Qiu’s personal charisma and leadership, with quick thinking and unique insight, she will guide Changhong to the international market step by step. Act as an enterprise representative invested in India, Changhong’s development strategy was highly appraised, so that by means of this communication, the leaders in Yancheng hope more support and assistance can be obtained from India consulate.

In the course of communication, Mrs Qiu introduced the basic introduction and development strategy of Changhong and reported the development trend and the preparations for going public. She expressed that it is a great honor for Changhong to make the reception of all consulate officers. Mrs Qiu also indicated that, due to the overseas study, she has a deep feeling of India and was acquainted with Indian culture. On the other hand, characterized by the huge automotive market, India is the best choice for Changhong to found its first subsidiary, thus opening the international market. In 2017, the Subsidiary Company in India was established, now Changhong is contacting with VECV and Tata Automobile Company of coating production lines projects, next, Changhong is intended to establish a factory in India, this factory will be the second-large international production base except the base in Yancheng, which shall lay a foundation for developing the international market.

Anil K Rai commented highly of Changhong’s progress and showed welcome for the construction in India. As a second-most-numerous country, India’s consumption demand is high, Anil K Rai hopes Changhong can integrate the self-development into India’s conditions and adapt the needs of Indians. Meanwhile,Anil K Rai introduced some development conditions of the local enterprises for Changhong’s reference. Serving as the ambassador of India in China, Anil K Rai and his group are willing to support the investment, if Changhong need any help, just stay in touch with them, they shall assist Changhong immediately.

After the meeting, Anil K Rai exchanged the gifts with Mrs. Qiu for commemoration. Both sides hope the cooperation and friendship shall be deepened on the basis of this communication.

This survey and investigation of India consulate general greatly enhanced the confidence and determination of Changhong’s investment in India. We convinced that under the support and help of leaders between China and India, Changhong shall actively suit the current stream and participate in the marketing activities for making contribution of thriving China’s economy.




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