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Corporate News
24 2019-08
[Training] A successful completion for the First-Phase of English Training of Jiangsu Changhong Intelligence
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On 22nd August, the first-phase English training of Jiangsu Changhong Intelligence was completed successfully. The Company invited the teacher of New Oriental to deliver the knowledge, the teacher planned a 6-month English course for the employees, each course shall be taught per week. 

Through the 6-month learning and effort, each member has benefited a lot. At the beginning, all members were learned from phonetic symbol, then completed the daily assignment after-class, by doing this to underpin the foundation of the English knowledge. Finally, all members are able to speak a little English from the status of dumb English, then speak it freely, seeing an evident progress and effect on each member.

At the final class, all members were reported their achievements in English fluently by means of imitating the situations of commercial reception, technical communication, dispatching overseas and daily English learning. Qiu Yunjie, the CEO of Changhong, attended the whole course for this achievement presentation and issued the honor certificates for the excellent members. The teacher of New Oriental issued the course-completion certificates for all members.

Mrs. Qiu Yunjie congratulated the successful completion of this English Training Course, expressed thankful to the teacher for the 6-month hardworking and highly appraised the endeavor that the members paid. She said that all members shall regard this course-completion as a starting point for learning English, we should uphold the learning spirit and work harder for a better progress.


Learning has no limit. The completion of this English course is not the end for learning English, this is a perseverance work. In the future daily work, more challenges are waiting us to confront. Perseverance leads to success!




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