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Corporate News
18 2020-04
[Investigation] Members of Work Resumption of MIIT Investigated Jiangsu Changhong Intelligence
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In the afternoon of 13th April 2020, Xu Chunrong, the group leader of MIIT& the deputy director of Equipment Manufacturing Industry, along with his members investigated in Jiangsu Changhong Intelligence for inspecting the “New Construction”and the development conditions of industrial network. Chen xiachu and Chang Ruping, the provincial inspector attended this investigation. Jiang Wei, the deputy mayor of Yancheng, Kong Yixin, the deputy secretary general of municipal government, as well as Sun Qingshu, the Management Committee Director of Yancheng Environmental Protection City and Zhang Sudong, the deputy district governor, attended this reception.


Under the guidance of Qiu Yunjie, the CEO of Changhong, all members visited Changhong Machinery Design Institute and listened to the working conditions of each design department. Director Xu highly appraised the scientific and technological development of Changhong.


Afterwards, Director Xu along with his teams attended the meeting. Mrs Qiu introduced the work and production resumption, operation and data platform construction of Changhong.Director Xu gave a high degree of affirmation to Changhong's epidemic prevention and control work, and asked that the epidemic prevention and control work still need to be urgently grasped at present, not slackening, not wavering. At the outbreak prevention and control and resumption of production, it is necessary to promote the "5G- industrial Internet" integration application, and further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.


Dirctor Xu and his team thought regarding 5G infrastructure, big data center, AI and industrial network as the representatives, the new construction is fostered the new energy for economy development, which is the main power for promoting the ungrading of future industry structure. Hoping Changhong grasp this chance based on the future prediction, accelerate the key projects construction and inject the forceful power for high quality development of economy.




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