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Corporate News
25 2020-03
[Investigation] The Steering Group of Jiangsu Province investigated Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd.
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On 19th March 2020, Tang Jiangming, the deputy-director of Jiangsu’s CPCC Science and Technology Committee, and other memebrs investigated Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. accompanied by Tang Hong, the deputy-secaretary of Yanchengs government and Sheng Yan, the deputy secretary of Ting Hu district & the district governor.


Accompanied by Qiu Yunjie, the CEO of Jiangsu Changhong Intelligence, director Tang visuted Changhong Machinery Research Department, made an on-site investigation of Changhong’s design and R&D capacity. Qiu introduced the business conditions and development planning of Changhong, besides, Changhong regarded technological development as the leading position and yearly Changhong develops new product and technology. Meanwhile, the safety production is focused on while developing the R&D projects. For 30 years developemnt, Changhong’s safety production runs well without any accidents. Changhong Machinery Research Department is a cradle for talents development, nearly 20 students will be recruited and dispatched to each different working positions to improve their skills and grow up.


Director Tang highly appraised Changhong’s development. He pointed out that with the clear goals and the specific development planning, it’s a sensible decesion for Changhong to exploite the international market. Changhong is a manufacturing enterprise, with intensive population, it is important for Changhong to focus not only on the scientific and technological development, but on the solidification for promoting safety production. On the other hand, the safety management system shall be established, caring for the health development, maintain Changhong’s brand and image and guarantee the high-quality development.


Cai Jian, level four investigator of Jiangsu Civil Affairs Department, Jiang Xueming, a member of Jiangsu Commerce Department, Xu Da, level two commander of Taizhou Fire and Rescue Group, Liu Yuan, the director of emergency bureau, Qi Xintong, the member of Tinghu Standinging Committee and Secretary of Party Working Committee, Sun Qingshu, the director of Management Committee and other leaders were in company of this reception.




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