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Corporate News
25 2020-03
[Investigation] Li Dongcheng, the District Party Secretary investigated Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
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On 17th March 2020, Li Dongcheng, the District Party Secretary investigated Jiangsu Changhong Intelligence for the purpose of seeing the work resumption and business condition of Changhong, Qi Xintong and other related leaders ancipated this investigation, Qiu Yunjie, CEO of Jiangsu Changhong Intelligence attended this reception.


On behalf of all Changhong employees, Qiu extended a warm welcome to the Secretary Li and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Tinghu District Government for its long-standing concern and support for Changhong. Qiu introduced that the company officially resumed work on February 17, 2020, and has now fully resumed work. Changhong is in strict accordance with the requirements to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, fully reserve prevention and control materials, disinfection every day, commute to measure temperature daily, focus on a serious and practical job of epidemic prevention and control work. At present, the company has been fully operating in good condition, some employees have been traveling to the project site, the workshop is also relatively bus. Changhong has got the first order after the Spring Festival.


Secretary Li gave a high degree of affirmation to Changhong's epidemic prevention and control work, and asked that at the moment still be urgent about the epidemic prevention and control work. Secretary Li pointed out that Changhong intelligence is the key industrial enterprises in Tinghu District. In recent years, the development of steady progress is very difficult, hope Changhong can speed up the construction of research and development center, shape the model project of Tinghu. District government will continue to support Changhong’s grow up and development, so as to revitalize the Tinghu economy, thus making greater contributions!





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