Futurebound NYC – June 1st 2012

Noticeable Tracks:
Lindstrom, Prins Thomas – Plukk Og Pirk – Original Mix
Ronda  – Folana
Arttu  – Nuclear Funk (feat. Jerry the Cat)


The show is broadcasted live & recorded every Friday: 1pm to 5.30 pm EST (New York Time): www.justin.tv/djpetermunch

Equipment Used: Macbook Pro 09 (Intel SSD + WD 750 GB Drive), Traktor Pro 2, Numark 4Trak DJ Controller, Genelec Speakers (8040A), Broadcast Macbook Pro, Flash Media Encoder, Logitech C910 Webcam, Ultimate Ears UE-18 Pro Headphones, PreservEar Limiter for Acoustic Shock Protection.

Futurewife – Fifty Fifty Love
Blundetto  – Walk Away Now (Blackjoy Remix)
Solid Light  – El Deporto (Original Mix)
Motor  – Hyper Lust feat Billie Ray Martin
The Noodleman  – Starlight
Baba Zula  – Gecekondu (Khan Mix)
Laszlo  – NRV
Jestofunk, Ce Ce Rogers  – The Ghetto (JFK Remix 96)
DJ Butcher  – Nice & Nasty (Dj Butchers Club Version)
Eliot Lipp  – The Meaning (Kelpe Remix)
Jupiter  – One O Six (Original Mix)
Chaz Jankel  – Get Myself Together (Hercules & Love Affair Herc Bump)
Clio  – Diverted (Original Mix)
Demarzo  – Flip the Mattress (Original Mix)
Felix Da Housecat  – Elvi$
Siriusmo  – Nicht Gewesen
Billy Dalessandro  – Urban Decay
KINK  – Yako (Original Mix)
Sharon Phillips  – Want2 / Need2 – Trentemoller Remix
Lakker – Spider Silk
Till Kruger  – Stomach Stories (Secret Cinema Remix)
Melleefresh vs Deadmau5  – Hey Baby (Mendo Dub)
Gary Beck  – Egoist
Odo Makes A Smile  – Ive Got The Funk Inside (Luv The Groove Mix)
Mastra  – Invisibal

PART (2/3)
Footprintz  – Rush To The Capsule
Jupiter Tuning Center  – Vodka Sour
Cazbee  – Travellin Man (Cazbees If Da Shoe Fitz Edit)
Marlon D pres. Colombia Soul Orchestra  – Chand en Laureles (Conga Jam Session)
DJoseph, Fredy Lourenzo  – Vintage
Arttu  – Nuclear Funk (feat. Jerry the Cat)
Hey Today  – Guru Guro
Polymorphic – Hocus Pocus
Atari Teenage Riot – Collapse of History (Mustard Pimp Remix)
Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes – Roll Player (Hedflux Remix)
Soul Of Man – Outback
Gabriel Ananda – Trommelstunde
Modeselektor – The Black Block (Hiddensee 2008 Version)
Exercise One – Top Score (Stop Thinking!)
Renaissance Man – Stalker Humanoid (Dexter Remix)
Minilogue – Ghost
Guti, Andomat 3000 – Asi Baila (Damian Andomat 3000 Remix)
Popnoname  – Hello Gorgeous (Terranove Remix)
Future Beat Alliance  – Machines Can Help
Space Dimension Controller – Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere
Lindstrom, Prins Thomas – Plukk Og Pirk – Original Mix
Ronda  – Folana

PART (3/3)
Chamboche  – Mi Senti
Deep Space Orchestra  – Sir Shina (Original) Compost
Shades Of Gray  – So Easy (Norm De Plume Remix) Sideways Recordings
Human Woman  – Love Games (Bix Remix)
Bozzwell  – In My Cocoon
Oliver Koletzki  – Music From The Heart (Andrea Crestani Hope Remix) Hell Yeah


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