Futurebound NYC – Dec. 28th 2012


The mood of this weeks show is heavily influenced by an urge to explorer the melodic and hypnotic side of house and techno. As usual, I spent hours and hours listening basically every release put out this week. 4000 tracks later, I ended up with 31 new track matching the Futurebound NYC shows high standards. In general a strong selection of fresh, funky and hypnotic music. Enjoy.



PART (1/2):

F3 – What You Need (Downtown Party Network Remix)
Walker Barnard – Sweatshop Spaceship feat Jaime Graham
A Guy Called Gerald – How Long Is Now
Jokers Of The Scene – A Fine Line Between Nowhere And Now Here
Grand Corporation feat Jeremy Glenn – Wonder & Amazement (Crooked Rainbow Mix)
David Shaw & The Beat – So It Goes
Uffe – Fist Fight
Jimmy Edgar – Black Neon Dance Floor
Katzuma – Stoned
Hot Toddy – Mutha Sucka (Ron Basejam Remix)
Tiga – Plush
Maan – Jackin’
Glimpse – labbit
Dema, Axel (IT) – Boxer (Maverickz Remix)
James Priestley and Marco Antonio – Speed (Trevino Remix)
Green Velvet, Pleasurekraft – Skeleton Key (Damn Kids Remix)
Arttu – Nuclear Funk (feat. Jerry the Cat)
Owen Howells – And Then I Edit (DJ Da Remix)
Viggosson – UntitledDiscoFive
Sei A – Mercy Bass

PART (2/2):
Strip Steve, Das Glow – Calcium (Album Edit)
Lee Curtiss – Body Twitch feat Debbie Rennalds
Lidell Townsell, Kool Rock Steady – I’ll Make You Dance (DJ T. Edit)
Boris Dlugosch – Knalldrang (Nico Lahs Remix)
Andy Slaker – Black Tag (Re-Up Warehouse Remix)
Diva – Paris Stabbing (Beats)
Damu – If Youve Got Nothing To Hide
Monkey Fish – Fish Calls At Your Door
Walker Barnard – Mothershipwreck
Tyree – Nuthin Wrong
Headman – It Rough (2012 Version)
Sons And Daughters – Orion (Emperor Machine remix)
Locussolus – I Want It (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)
Maelstrom – House Music Boston Bun Remix [Sound Pellegrino] LV – Zulu Compurar ft. Okmalumkoolkat
Noze – When Tiger Smoked (Brandt Brauer Frick Rework) Get Physical Music
Lee Webster – Come Over To Her Face
Viggosson – UntitledDiscoFour
Muallem – Cheerleader (Kaos Dark Star Mix)
Romare – The Blues (It Began In Africa)
Clinic – Tomorrow (DFA remix)
Doshy – DCU V.I.P Ft. D-Styles
Kelpe – Toy Castle
Floating Points – Truly
Emiliana Torrini/Backhaus & Disse rework – Gun
Jan Turkenburg – In My Spaceship



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