Video: DJ Isolators 101 (for beginners)

I love isolators! A DJ Isolator is a super powerful tool when used right – and for some reason it has become a niche thing, maybe due to the high cost of even entry level isolators. Nevertheless I want more DJ to know about isolators, so I created this little 7 minute video to give you a quick overview of what Isolators are. Feel free to ask questions in the comments. Thanks!


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Hello Peter,
Yago again…just watched your first isolater video on your site. so very cool. Didn’t get a chance yet to check if you had more videos out on the specifics yet but if not could you please tell me if
i should NOT go ahead and make my purchase of the Bozak Iso-x next month ? I had a helpful back n forth with their staff and were the only ones i could even find a place of contact and purchase option. Dope real was all in Japanese :) and Thrive never got back to me about prices or anything. The Bozak name didn’t hurt and neither did Kevin Hedge and Louie’s endorsements. I will not be able to, as you suggest be able to get my hands on the option of isolators. So yes, against your advice i have been reading many discussion boards about them and thus that is how i found you and your blogs and writings. Your name seemed familiar but i surprisingly wasn’t familiar your records or mixes though you might be in my collection as i have more music than i can ever get to. Here is my background to give you an idea of where i am coming from and also just cuz you seem like a real cool dude that take s the time to help people.
I am what you could call an extreme bedroom dj… for someone who has a completely different career path than music, I have been devoted to house music and all its significant history and derivatives. Was a hip hop and rnb kid all my life then Got hooked in 96 after my first couple of dj mix session cds of which included Louie’s united djs of america. in 2000 finally had to get turntables. much clubbing and freestyle dancin , a few back room gigs, and numerous endless weekends mixing my new records. 13 years later i am “grown” and up running with a career, thus much more limited with my ability to indulge in hours of music. But i am having a resurgence of musical integration and i know my music and playing for my rich enjoyment will forever be with me. So i have the option of spending a good penny on an isolater that will be with me for a long time and hopefully most best blend & enhance the gamut of open and well produced dance music: loft, paradise garage gems, all things MAW, louie, blaze, FK, Joe clausell, Osunlade, and some techy and minimal stuff consisting of big name producers but also many lesser known.. overall timeless good music, that if it makes a statement that speaks to me i don’t hesitate to grab it. Much like you speak of . That is what i am interested in. But 1800.00 might just be a bit much (Thrive blender?)
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this looooong email. I only wish i had a mentor or helpful guide amongst my dj heroes like you have already been (just with one email and your blog)way back when i was starting off.
Anyone have any advice on differentiating between isolater for an in-home-small room setting. Quality and full cut ability as well as blending would be my main needs
thank you


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