Soultech EP: Add some soul to your vinyl collection

Soultech is the debut vinyl release from New York City based DJ/Producer Peter Munch.

Soultech is about respecting the past and embracing the future. This first vinyl EP is a composition of soulful, organic, and warm elements infused with a driving force and danceable techno beats. Each track is artistically created with classical melodic influences and harmonies, while maintaining energy and forward drive.

“The result is a fresh and unique sounding approach to the endless similar sounding music that is around today.” Barry Lederer, Billboard

“Amazing production and sound!” Brendon Moeller/Beat Pharmacy, Wave Music A&R

Pre-order your copy now, there is an ultra limited supply of 250 numbered copies, each one autographed by Peter. The vinyl is available May 15, 2010.


As a bonus you get the FLAC and MP3 downloads today! Check out the player below where you can listen to the entire album. Enjoy :)

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