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Peter’s dj sets and music have quickly caught the attention of the most influential promoters, DJs and producers in the EDM scene. His productions have been supported and played by top DJs such as Francois K, Brendon Moeller (BeatPharmacy), Djuma Soundsystem, amongst too many others to mention. “With so many DJs today turning their aspirations to record productions, you inevitably get a deluge of mediocre music. That is why it is so refreshing to come across Peter Munch.” (Barry Lederer, Billboard 2008)

Peter’s steady appearance on the North American and European club/festival circuits finds him playing in cities such as Tokyo, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, top New York clubs such as Cielo, Pacha, Santos Party House, plus festivals such as Roskilde and Winter Music Conference.  He has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such greats as Trentemoller, Timo Maas, Marc Romboy, Dr. Motte, Kool Herc, Djuma Soundsystem, and David Guetta, and most recently played the legendary Deep Space party at Cielo (Francois K’s weekly soiree).

In ‘the future is now’ scenario, Peter is applying advanced technology products for the DJ world.  In cahoots with an interface manufacturer, Peter has incorporated the use of a glove during his live sets which allows for additional control, instantaneous connection, and ability to interact more with the audience. This innovative technology empowers him to control his music and effects with the touch of a finger, all without having to touch a mixing console. A remarkable cutting-edge interface that allows Peter to truly become a hybrid of artist and machine known as “The Munch Machine”. With military-grade construction and an array of hot-key touch points, the glove lets him tap his fingers to cast spells over the crowd; to literally hold the audience in the palm of his hand. Stay tuned for further off-the-charts technological developments in both visuals and sound!

While Peter’s soundscape can be related to Carl Craig, Trentemoller, and Henrik Schwarz, he has spent the last 4 years developing a fresh, new sound he calls “Soultech”. Soultech is full of organic, warm elements infused with powerful techno beats. Productions range from chilled out pieces that feel like melodic compositions (Sailor’s Lullabye) to faster, groovier tracks meant for primetime dancing (The Sound of Tech). Peter has produced over 20 EPs since 2007, all out on Beatport on the following labels: Bagpak, Quarterlife, and Cosmopolitan Records.


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